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Het Doorgeefluik

With Het Doorgeefluik, I graduated from my study Communication & Multimedia Design. Together with Rowen Heesakkers I did this project at Stichting GreenWish, an organisation that helps sustainable start-ups and initiatives with starting out.

With our project we aimed to improve the sustainability in the food industries, specifically at restaurants, bars, hotels, etcetera.

In our research we discovered that the best way to change the industry, is by figuring out the needs of the consumer and communicating that directly to owners that run the food business.
That is why we created the concept Het Doorgeefluik. We actively ask the consumer for their needs through a fun and easy video-format. The idea is to make a series of videos, in which every episodes handles a different sustainability subject.

For our graduation we created a proof-of-concept video. The project was received very well by the people at GreenWish and our study. They were impressed by the new way of approaching our target audience, namely by using their customers.

For this project I did research, concept, design, filming, editing and voice-over. I also made a themesong that you hear in the opening screens.