Hi, my name is Max van Boxel. I am a multimedia designer and my main focus is on video productions. I can make promotion videos, reportages, after-movies and documentaries. In the past, I've made videos for a political campagne, a documentary on facelessness in temporary art for a journalistic website, a lyrical video for a band, a live performance of a singer and several promo- and aftervideos for cultural events. See them here.


I have recorded and produced several songs for bands and artists. Since I am a musician and songwriter, I have the insights of what a good songs should sound like. On the other hand, I have got experience with producing music. Alongside with the productions I also do the band/artist branding, so I take care of the overall design of the artist's media output. If you are interested, please contact me!


I do photography. This means that I am a photographer, available for hire. I have done many events such as live music-shows, readings, presentations and workshops. However, I like making pictures of people as well. Portraits and band pictures are examples of that. I'd love to make photos of you too!

Besides from that, I also make pictures of things that I think look beautiful.


Hello, my name is Max van Boxel. I am a multimedia designer and my main focus is audio/visual production, but I also have experience with designing, branding and identities. I studied Communication & Multimedia Design. In my work I try to create an effective communication towards the target audience, by combining the aesthetic principles of art and design with the rules of marketing communication. I use video, photography, audio and visual design to communicate with the desired audiences.

I am a self-taught music producer. In the past, I have produced and mixed several song for myself and bands that I have played in. Now, I use this experience to produce for other musicians as well.


Telephone: +31 612988039
LinkedIn: Max van Boxel